Veganism and Spirituality

Veganism is a word I’m sure most of us have heard of. May be from our struggling vegan friends or magazines, social media, etc., somewhere or the other. But how veganism and spirituality are connected? The perception about veganism all of us have in our minds is that it is giving up all the products made from animals- from meat to even dairy products like milk, cheese, etc. I hope you all don’t get confused between veganism and vegetarianism as I did. Because vegetarianism is just giving up all the meat from your plates but not dairy products. Veganism is way too different from vegetarianism in various aspects.

But have we ever taken the pain to understand the real meaning of veganism? Wait! You need not worry. I’ll tell you. Veganism is a responsibility and feeling, how our actions or our behavior are contributing to the well-being of the world. Or whether are they damaging the world. It is too deep but it will be clear to you by the end of this blog.

Now, what exactly do we mean by spirituality? As the definition goes, ‘Spirituality involves the recognition of a sense of belief that there is something greater than ourselves. And something more to being human than sensory experience, and the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine. In other words, it’s not about being selfish or just thinking about yourself but also thinking about everything else in this world. Everything comprises beautiful nature, innocent animals, the environment, and other human beings too.

We all know that India is a country with diverse religions, cultures, and traditions. But something very common in all religion may it be Hindu, Muslim, Christianity or even minor religion like Jainism or Buddhism teach us to be loving and compassionate with everyone. To love and be loved. Because what you give comes back to you…KARMA.

Therefore, most of them refrain from eating meat because of our beliefs like ‘JIO OR JEENE DO’ (Live and let live) or ‘THOU SHALT NOT KILL’ etc. in the holy books of Jain and Christian religions respectively. Even Buddha promoted an oriental vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Hinduism also treats the cow as a goddess and doesn’t kill them. You will be amazed to know that religions that are considered to be so-called ‘bad’ religions like Wicca,  which is the religion of the witches promote ‘Ye harm none, do what as ye will ‘, meaning unless and until you harm nobody, you are free to do anything in life.

Why do religions not promote the killing of animals? What happens when we eat dead meat or dairy products? What is the link between spiritualism and veganism? Is being vegan good for our health according to science? Do we have enough alternatives or substitutes to completely get done with animal-based products? etc. are some very important questions that I’ll try to answer throughout this blog.

Why do religions not promote the killing of animals?

As I already stated, all religions in the world teach love and compassion. When we choose to eat animal-based products we force those animals to go through all the pain, trauma, and sufferings in the slaughterhouses which in no way is love or compassion. We can even think of the level of sufferings they face there. And because of our choices, we can shift towards vegan products. Plant-based or vegan products are made by the nature for us and in no way will harm anyone. This is the reason why all religions promote care and love toward all living beings in the world. The way you choose to live makes this world heaven or hell for you and others.

What happens when we eat animals or dairy products?

I know if you are a non – vegetarian it will be very hard for you to digest but still, you need to know this. There exists a Law of Vibration.  If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations. All matter, thoughts, and feelings have energy, frequency, and vibrations.

Food also has vibrations. Meat products like the dead flesh of any animal have the least vibration and right above that we have products made from animal discharge like milk, cheese, cream, butter, etc. Therefore they are on lower vibrations. But you know we have fruits and vegetables on the higher vibrations.

Eating food with lower vibration

When you eat food with lower vibrations it is hard for your body to resist many diseases. You become more prone to diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and many more. These days, when we consume animals directly, diseases in animals also transfer to the human body.Because if it’s present in their body then it will transfer in the milk that mammals give. This makes it unsafe for humans. We can see the biggest example of COVID-19 in front of us. Other such diseases are Monkeypox, Zika virus, etc.

All these diseases take us to the hospital increasing our expenditure on expensive medicines and vaccines. More importantly, the fear of death that we have because some of them don’t even have proper medication to cure them. When we consume animal products, our body takes in a significant amount of cholesterol, which is detrimental because our body already possesses all the necessary cholesterol.

But plant-based products are fully cholesterol free and that’s why very good for your health. As I said, fruits and vegetables have higher vibrations. This means that they don’t harm our bodies in any manner but rather provide us with essential minerals and vitamins. These nutrients keep us healthy and focused.

What is the link between veganism and spirituality?

Deep roots intertwine veganism and spirituality.. As we already talked about the Law of Vibration. All matter, thoughts, and feelings have energy, frequency, and vibrations. So, the higher your vibrations, the more enlightened you are.  We have vibrations in everything even in the food we eat. The best part is fruits and vegetables with higher vibrations.

It is beneficial to keep your vibrations high. If the human body goes below a certain level of vibration it gets easier for the body to manifest diseases. It becomes easier for cancer cells to develop. Another benefit to keeping your vibrations high is that you can manifest things in your life much easier.

Emotions also have vibrations too. So, when farm animals go through so much trauma and stress in slaughterhouses.  Do you remember the principle Elbert Einstein taught to us in our science class? Does it state that energy cannot create nor destroy? When we kill these deeply traumatized and stressed animals, where do you believe this energy is directed? It channels toward you, the consumer of the food, as it does not vanish or get annihilated.

Food and Energy

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat”. Consuming animal products exacerbates our daily lives when we eat food infused with stress and trauma, especially in the midst of existing pressures like a stressful 9 to 5 job, strained relationships, and numerous bills to pay. It causes double stress. This makes us prone to conditions like sleeplessness,  hypertension, depression, etc.

Secondly, veganism promotes a ‘healthier’ lifestyle. Diet is a significant aspect of spirituality. Health and spirituality go hand-in-hand. They are a married partner. You can’t take one way and have the other one remain intact. There is a vibrational match between health and spirituality. As we all know we are what we eat. Therefore, those foods that are whole, that are plant-based are the ones that human beings, in general, resonate with the best energetically. And likewise, their cells and their entire biological system resonate with the easiest and the best. Thus, eliminating dairy from your diet becomes extremely important when discussing health and diet, as animal-based products are dense and not easily digestible, whereas plant-based products are easily digested due to their lighter nature.

The Buddhist scripture also advises: “Let him not destroy or cause to be destroyed any life at all, or sanction the acts of those who do so. Let him refrain from even hurting any creature, both those that are strong and those that tremble in the world. The Bible also says, “It is neither good to eat flesh, nor to drink wine.” Another biblical commandment instructs us to help animals in pain, even if they belong to an enemy.

Non violence and veganism

Non–violence is another reason why people who are on a spiritual path tend to follow the path of veganism. They follow the principle of universal brotherhood which means non-killing, anyone. So, when you have substitutes in place why unnecessarily kill animals just to satisfy your taste buds? Thus, respecting the lives of every living being shows how spiritual you are. And how much you genuinely care for them.

Imagine someone cutting you or a member of your family from the neck – a scene so dreadful that our minds can’t even begin to picture it. But it is easy for us to take any animal to the slaughterhouse and cut its neck without a second thought in our mind. Just because they cannot speak, we are so cruel to them. Even if they have a family and emotions like us. You’re aware that the torture animals endure, which results in the production of adrenaline and fear, turns their milk toxic for human consumption, leading to potential health issues when we consume it.

Sadism and veganism

Just eating animals to fulfill the pleasure of your tongue when there are already so many options available and making animals suffer is an exhibition of sadism. It is counter-productive to the spiritual progress that you want to make. Such an act of violence shows that your morals and ethics towards other living – beings in this world are not positive.  Because just to make yourself happy you are making so many animals suffer. This will make you happy only for that moment but make you feel sad and guilty your whole life.

As Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is not at all justified to torture these speechless creatures so much that one day or the other everything will come back to us. In an attempt to build a world where peace, harmony, and unity prevail it is important and very urgent for all of us to change ourselves as soon as possible.

Do we possess enough alternatives, to completely eliminate animal-based products?

All of that being said, now I come up with a solution for you. Thank you so much for bearing with me for so long. We have for you an amazing and affordable and magical alternative or let’s say a substitute to replace dairy – products from your plates and make you a spiritual person in the sense that, you will no longer harm any animal with your dietary choices and will promote love and compassion towards them.

Dancing cow brings to you a variety of vegan i.e., plant-based oat milk which is rich in fiber and does not have additional carbohydrates, fats, cholesterol, etc. which are there in all dairy – milk and are responsible for damaging your health. The best part is you will never lose out on any essential nutrients found in dairy – milk because those are fortified in it. Plant-based milk has higher vibrations. It is cost-effective and will keep you positive as well.

Thus, it’s a win-win situation for both you and the animal and therefore the planet as a whole.

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