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Rapeseed oil
Rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil, or as we like to call it, the “Rap-tastic Oil,” is like the cool kid of plant-based oils. Derived from the quirky rapeseed plant (don’t worry, it’s not a rap battle), this oil has been strutting its stuff in European diets for ages. And guess what? We’ve been adding this fabulous oil to our oat milk, and here’s why – it’s all about keeping things fabulously smooth and scrumptious in the dairy-free world!

Shake it Up with Rapeseed Oil: The Quirky Scoop on Canola Goodness!

Hey there, trendsetters and culinary adventurers! 🌱 Let’s dive into the world of rapeseed oil – oh, excuse me, the fancier term is “canola oil.” Yeah, yeah, we know the name might not sound like a party in your mouth, but trust us, this oil brings some serious shindig vibes to your dishes! 🎉

So, gather ’round, folks, as we spill the beans (or should I say, “seeds”) about the unsung hero of plant-based cooking – rapeseed oil!

A Funky Introduction to Canola Coolness:

Okay, let’s break it down for you – rapeseed oil is the underdog of oils, hailing from the mustard family, and it’s got its glam name, “canola oil,” from Canada. We’ve been vibing with this oil for eons in our products, and there’s a solid reason behind it. We need that oil pizzazz to elevate our goodies to superstar status! It’s all about nailing that perfect texture, mouthfeel, and outright awesome flavor that could rival any traditional dairy dish. And guess what? Science totally backs us up on this – rapeseed oil is basically the Beyoncé of oils in terms of healthiness! 🌟

The Scoop on Canola Coolness:

Let’s break down the fabulousness that rapeseed oil brings to the table:

Rapeseed oil
Graph reference from oatly website

Take a peek at this snazzy graph – you’ll see it’s loaded with monounsaturated fats, and it’s playing hard to get with saturated fats (way less saturated fat than butter, folks!). And why is this oil shuffle important? Well, smarty-pants research suggests that swapping out saturated fats for monounsaturated fats can do a killer tango with your cardiovascular health. It’s like giving your heart a cha-cha lesson it won’t forget! 💃🕺

And when rapeseed oil takes center stage instead of “solid fats” (looking at you, butter), it’s shown to throw a ninja kick at that LDL cholesterol (aka “bad cholesterol”). Now that’s some superhero stuff right there! 🦸‍♂️

But wait, there’s more! Rapeseed oil isn’t just here to twirl around in the spotlight; it’s got a mind-boggling mix of polyunsaturated fatty acids, all wrapped up in a sassy bow with a near-perfect balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. Think of it like this: while sunflower oil’s doing a chaotic dance with a 40:1 ratio, olive oil’s doing the salsa with a 13:1, and coconut oil’s attempting the moonwalk with an 88:1, rapeseed oil’s grooving with a cool 2:1. Basically, it’s like the ultimate dance-off, and canola oil’s leading the charge! 💃🕺

Oh, and let’s not forget – our rapeseed oil is like the Hollywood version of oils. Less than 2%? Check! Non-GMO? Check! Low erucic acid? Check! Expeller pressed? Check! This oil’s got a rap sheet that’s cleaner than a freshly swept dance floor. No genetic shenanigans, no chemical solvents, just pure, naturally extracted canola goodness. Plus, it’s got the humility to let our main squeeze, oats, shine like a disco ball! 🕺🌾

Got questions about this oil extravaganza or why we’re head over heels for rapeseed? Bring it on! We’re all ears, darlings! 🎤🎶

So there you have it, the lowdown on canola charisma that’s turning our kitchens into dance floors and our dishes into masterpieces. Keep the culinary rhythm alive, you culinary rockstars! 🎸🍳

Got Q’s? We Got A’s!

Got questions about rap-tastic oil and why we’re totally crushin’ on it? Shoot ’em our way! We’re all ears, ready to drop some oil wisdom like it’s hot. 🎶🔥


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