5 reasons why oat milk helps us lose belly fat

“Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend instead, it is a LIFESTYLE.” Oat milk is not just a fad, thanks to its nutritional properties. We in today’s world are living our lives just to follow fads or to keep up with our mates. We love to drink alcohol, smoke, eat processed and ready-to-eat food, etc. which is bad for our health. But you know where all this fun ultimately takes you to? It makes you gain fat and causes problems in most of your body parts like the lungs, liver, kidneys, etc.

Why did I start this article with a positive quote but ended up scaring you? Do you know what the good news is? I completely understand your problem and I have a solution to it. We know that to stay healthy we need to be active and have a very healthy and balanced diet. I know it is not easy for you to go to a gym daily because we all are lazy! (let’s accept that ). What if you can shred body fat just by doing a few basic workouts and changing your eating habits?

Is dairy good for health?

We are always told by our parents that milk is very good for our health. They’ve always told us that it is complete food, and we need to have it at least twice a day! However, due to changes in our lifestyle, some of us face problems like lactose – intolerance. Lactose intolerance means that after puberty hits us, we are no more able to digest dairy milk produced by mammals. But for a complete diet, we need to include nutrition found in milk in our diet.

Lactose – intolerance and dairy milk are like east and west, there is absolutely no match between them. What do we then do? Don’t worry! There is a very close substitute available in the market and that is OAT MILK. It may come with all the plant-based nutrients in them with fortification with other nutrients. Fortification is present in dairy milk like calcium, vitamin – D, potassium, etc. So, you don’t at all miss on other nutrients.

What is oat milk?

Oat milk is plant-based milk extracted from oats. Oats are soaked overnight and then blended and strained. Why do I recommend oat milk to you? There are some other benefits that oat milk has but dairy milk doesn’t. You know that dairy milk contains lots of fat and calories which makes us fatter. Even if we exercise and burn a lot of calories and if we’re consuming milk, it leads to no results. Thus, calories out equate to calories in, we still weigh the same. It is basic human nature that if we don’t see results, we don’t want to work for them.

Here are the five most important reasons why you should switch to oat milk to lose weight:

1. Balanced carbohydrates in oat milk

Plant-based milk is made from different plants like almonds, rice, walnut, soya, or oats, one of which is grains. Oat milk traditionally has more carbohydrates in it and that’s a piece of very good news. Now you as a fitness freak who wants to lose weight might think, what rubbish am I talking about? Because when you want to lose weight, it is always advised to reduce carbs, but then let’s look at this from two different angles.

Breakfast is considered to be the main meal of the day, isn’t it? So, when you drink one glass of oat milk in the morning, it keeps you full for a long. Hence reducing your appetite and you end up eating less for lunch which will help you to reduce weight quickly.

Now, well morning is understood, what about the night? I previously talked about a toxic lifestyle and one of the worst habits of today’s youth is sleeping late. We sleep from 12 am to 4 am depending upon the workload, stress, disturbed sleep cycle, or parties with our friends. So, when you drink a glass of oat milk at night, it prevents you from craving snacks at night. Thus, it will make you healthier and when you won’t eat those processed snacks, you will feel healthier.

2. Oat milk and Fiber

Losing weight is considered to be a very hard job. People go on fasting but let me tell you that fasting will only make you weaker. Our body always needs all types of macro and micronutrients no matter if we are fat or thin. So when you switch to oat milk, it helps to improve your metabolism rate. This encourages weight loss because it is very rich in fiber and other nutrients.

3. Oat milk and low fats

Research says that oat milk is the healthiest option when you are considering fats. Oat milk has a very small amount of saturated fat as compared to dairy milk which is loaded with fat. We all know that when excess fat is stored in our bodies it leads to a greater risk of diseases. Diseases like heart attack, bad cholesterol, disturbed digestion, etc, your body becomes prone to other diseases. Thus, to maintain your body mass index ( BMI ) it is important to avoid fats in your diet.

4. Low sugar and calories in oat milk

Oats are very low in sugar naturally and also don’t have much calorie content in them. When you go out and exercise daily, you burn a lot of calories. When you switch to oat milk because it is low in caloric content. You are now burning more calories as compared to when you take cow milk. Cow’s milk increases your calorie intake and thus, gives no results.

Also, we all know that excess sugar is bad and causes problems like diabetes. Currently, diabetes has no cure. With diabetes, you have to give up on all your favorite sweets like Gulab-jamun, Rasgulla, Gajjar ka halwa, and whatnot. So, as the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, it is better to switch to oat milk sooner rather than later.

5. Dairy Free

Oat is free from lactose because it’s plant-based. When you are facing problems like acne breakout, hair fall, irregular periods, and excess body weight after puberty hit you, you are facing all the symptoms of lactose – intolerance, which means your body is no longer able to digest the proteins present in normal dairy milk produced by mammals and therefore you have to give up on dairy milk.

Don’t be sad! There are the best substitutes and alternatives available in the market, oat milk being one of them. These are plant-based milk that has no such protein that causes the same problems as caused by dairy milk and the best part is that it has all the fortified minerals that are there in dairy milk. So, you don’t even miss out on any nutrients. So, you don’t even gain much weight when you give up on dairy milk.


Thus, after seeing all the problems caused by dairy milk and all the benefits that oat milk provides you lose your belly fat. You need to consider all the above suggestions because they all have scientific backing behind them. You need to take care of your health and keep your body slim and trim to wear every cloth that is there in your cupboard without a second thought and look hot and sexy in every way. Being fat doesn’t mean that you look ugly but you become more prone to various diseases out there. Therefore, we need to take care of ourselves and keep our bodies happier.

Low-Calorie creamy oat milk in India

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