3 Ways How Dairy Causes Acne | Switch to Oats Milk

Imagine decking up in your favorite black dress on Saturday eve. You look flawless inside and out, with everything on point, except for those red itchy pimples. It could be another story if you were to choose a red dress complimenting that cute red face of yours. Nothing is as depressing as doing your hair nicely and wearing your best outfit, only so that those red tender bumps all over your face can let you down. We will later explain how oats milk reduces breakout and helps with mood swings.

Everyone, including you and me, wants a clean face. And without an urge to keep touching it like a cat scratches a fresh carpet. This is still a far-fetched dream for many. Our bodies react so much to everything we eat or drink that the results are directly shown on our skin. Exactly what you are thinking right now. a reddish face with a lot of pimples that hurt a lot.

Okay, first things first, Inner beauty is important and can not be ignored at all. Imagine you are on a date, which you desperately wanted to go on. Everything is going exactly the way you wanted it to be. But all of a sudden instead of having butterflies in your stomach, it starts to ache. The excessive gas you have makes you gassy. It isn’t one of the best situations to be in, in the world.

Okay, why am I talking about all of this? Let me ask you a few questions. Are you tired of acne breakouts and pimples on your face? Have you tried all the home remedies and still couldn’t find a solution to them? Are you tired of your stomach ache and endless farting? Do you want a solution? What if I tell you that there is a simple solution? I know that sounds quite fascinating and now I no longer want you to wait. Here are the reasons why dairy milk causes acne and mood swings.

3 reasons How Dairy Milk causes acne: 

If I told you that all of these problems are connected to your highness ‘MILK’, you’ll be surprised. I was too at first. But in a country like India where we worship milk products like curd, ghee, buttermilk, etc since childhood (thanks to our ancestors), we become conditioned to use them as a basic necessity.

1. Puberty

As we grow up and puberty hits us, there are loads of hormones released in our bodies. Some of them have a high potential to make us lactose intolerant. At the time of our puberty, our body is incapable of digesting the natural sugar present in dairy milk, and its products called lactose. Thus, making it way too difficult for us to digest and causing various problems in our bodies.

According to some research, there is a link between the consumption of dairy products and the development of acne. The scientific reasoning behind this is that our body produces IGF-1. It is a type of growth hormone and dairy products also have IGF-1 in them. So, when both of these are present in our bodies, it leads to an increase in sebum production. An increase in this sebum oil in the skin causes black pores and then breakouts.

2. RBG Hormones

The majority of dairy farmers in India inject RBG hormone into animals to increase milk production by ten folds. The RBG hormone leads to an enhanced secretion of IGF-1 by animals in the milk. When humans consume this, It can further cause severe damage to your facial skin.

You might now be thinking that I will tell you to stop milk consumption to avoid this situation. But wait I know you are a milk lover and cannot give up milk so easily. I do have an alternative for you. Drum rolls. Oats milk or plant milk, which means what it sounds- like milk from plants but made for humans!

If I tell you that this is specially made for people like us who cannot give up on milk products. Because we have been consuming them all this while. Oat is the key ingredient that makes oats milk. The good news is it completely matches the taste, texture, and color of traditional dairy milk. It sounds amazing, right?

3. Mood swings

Let’s talk about our mood swings, shall we? It’s a well-known fact that what we put in our bodies, affects our mood. When you have a cold coffee in hot summer, it makes you feel cool and relaxed (and a tad jittery? :P). The dairy products we consume in our diet are the most problematic foods that cause mood swings.

Dairy products have a protein called casein, which causes addiction, and we, therefore, cannot give up on dairy products easily. But there is more to dairy other than addiction. It also causes anger, depression, and aggression because it’s hard for our body to digest this protein, and drains most of our energy, which makes us feel weak, irritated, and angry.

Nowadays, many farmers give antibiotics to cows whenever they are sick. These antibiotics enter into the milk which we drink. This leads to the development of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance means that when one gets sick, medicine won’t help them at all. This makes their recovery even longer.

The solution to these mood swings is simple. Choosing to lead a plant-based lifestyle. And opting for plant-based milk or oatish milk. Natural elements like oats, millets, and mung that are free from casein make up the Oatish oat milk. Being free from casein, the milk does not cause any mood swings and keeps you happy all day long.

Sometimes mood swings caused by dairy can have some serious disorders like autism. This leads to people becoming introverted and less productive. Therefore, all of us need to shift to a dairy-free diet to avoid all these serious disorders and make the most out of our lives.

What is Oats milk

Oats milk is environmentally friendly and has a lot of health benefits, helping you with more nutrients than dairy milk. It can give you the required amount of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Oats milk is easy to digest for everyone and therefore helps you to drain lesser energy on digestion. You can now boost your mood by saving more energy and living a happier life.

Oats milk is free from lactose which doesn’t trigger the IGF-1 hormone in our body to produce sebum and that’s why no more acne but a clean and clear face for you to flaunt. Also, all the important nutrients found in dairy milk are fortified in oats milk as well and so you are not even missing out on any nutrients as such but getting all the benefits that one derives out of Dairy milk.

Imagine how much you’ll save with no dermatologist bills and those expensive gel-based creams and facewash that they prescribe us? It’s all in the food, honey! When you change what you feed your body, your body changes its composition, and becomes magical, like it’s supposed to be.

Oats milk reduces your acne and helps with mood swings.

Do you, like me, feel a little awkward asking your barista, Hey, do you have oat milk, by any chance? Here’s something that might help: the oats milk skincare movement has arrived. Now, instead of worrying that my proclivity for the coconut, almond, hemp, soy, rice, and skim milk alternatives (among others) seems pretentious, I confidently ask for oat. I mean, it’s not for me — it’s for my skin.

To be completely honest, there aren’t many studies directly relating oats milk to clear and pimple-free skin yet. This is understandable; oat milk is relatively a new kid on the block. That being said, like plenty of other natural skincare ingredients — turmeric, besan, saffron — there’s reason to believe oat works from the inside out, too. Oats are packed with minerals and naturally found plant protein. Oats milk aids gut health and helps with digestion — two key things that enhance your mood and skin.

No matter how daunting it may be, making a conscious choice to chuck out that much-beloved whole milk smoothie or latte every morning is a tiny price to pay for clearer skin. Oats milk is my new best friend. In case you would like to get an in-depth food allergy test, it’s worth booking a dermatologist appointment or a registered plant-based nutritionist.

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